What We Can Learn from the Most Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur dreams of making it big despite humble beginnings. We’ve all heard stories of people who start a business out of their garage and through hard work and a bit of luck manage to turn their vision into a reality. Every entrepreneur starts off with little more than a good idea–the trick is figuring … Continued

Finding Funding Options for Small Businesses

Obtaining business funding as a small business owner can be a daunting process. There are many outlets for funding, but it can be difficult to determine which ones your business qualifies for. The application processes that banks and the Small Business Administration require can be lengthy and complex, so just deciding to apply means signing … Continued

How to Become an Entrepreneur – Beat Your Inner Wantrepreneur

Many business owners think of themselves as aspiring entrepreneurs. They have ideas for how they’d like to see their business expand, but it can often be difficult to put those ideas into practice. Some owners might have a goal in mind, but they just can’t figure out how to get from point A to point … Continued

Learn About Pennsylvania’s Business Incentive Programs

Obtaining funding is always the first priority for a business looking to expand. However, many business owners overlook programs that can help them make the most of the funding that they do receive. It’s important to be aware of business incentives available to you–often, there are local or state programs available that will help you … Continued

Getting a Working Capital Loan for Your Small Business

Many people assume that short term business loans are only for businesses in a tight spot. However, the reality is that an infusion of capital can help businesses in a variety of situations. A common reason for seeking working capital or a loan is expansion–it can be hard to set aside money to expand a … Continued

The Need for Small Business Equipment Financing

As a business grows, it will inevitably need to buy new equipment. Vehicles break down, computers become obsolete, and production equipment can fail. Even if nothing breaks, a growing business will need to hire new employees and each new hire means a need for new equipment. Whether a business is aggressively expanding or simply trying … Continued

Crunched for Time? An SBA Express Loan Isn’t Your Only Option

A previous post here discussed Small Business Administration loans, and one of the problems discussed was that the SBA loan process can take too long for a business that needs quick financing. One way the SBA has tried to combat this is by introducing SBA Express loans. SBA Express loans are similar to regular SBA … Continued

Growing and Expanding a Business in Pennsylvania

One of the main reasons businesses seek funding is to expand their business, but this expansion can come in several forms. It can be as simple as needing more physical retail space: maybe the business needs to build an expansion or even obtain an entirely new location. In some cases, businesses need new equipment so … Continued

With Bad Credit, Are There Business Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

At Loanability, many of the merchants we speak to come to us because they’ve had trouble obtaining more traditional guaranteed business loans. Bad credit, insufficient collateral, and even just the industry type of the business are all reasons that a merchant might have been turned down for a loan, so they come to us instead … Continued