Who Is Loanability?

We’re Loanability, a provider of alternatives to traditional financing for small businesses. Founded in 2007, Loanability is a Jenkintown, PA based lender that provides funding for almost any business. We aim to form relationships with our clients, providing a variety of programs that allow business owners to get funding with terms that work for them. Our goals are to offer the best loan rates available, keep our process as simple as possible, and make sure that our clients receive nothing but exceptional customer service.

Loanability started off as a provider of merchant cash advances in 2007. Over the years, we’ve made a few changes, adding new loan programs that make us one of the top business lenders in the country. We started off using fax machines and paper contracts, but now we’re able to allow customers to complete their financing online from start to finish, making it easier than ever to get funding. We even moved from an office in Philadelphia to a larger space in Jenkintown. Loan rates have always been our foremost concern, so while the details are different the focus is the same–getting the best deal for every business.

While some companies make their process and terms more complicated in order to disguise the actual cost of the funds they’re offering, we make our offers as simple as possible. We’ll tell you how much you qualify for and how much you’ll be paying back up front, with no additional fees or costs anywhere. We’re committed to being transparent with our customers, so we make sure our offers stand out without any gimmicks or marketing tricks.

Loan rates are obviously the first priority of any business looking for funding, but we know that providing good customer service is important too. We make sure that our customers are always in the loop as we’re working on their files. We continue to work with clients after their business has received funds, helping with any issues that arise over the length of the loan and providing additional funds as needed. We find that many of our customers end up coming back to us again the next time they’re looking for financing, and we’re always happy to see their businesses grow using the funds we provide.

After eight years in the business, Loanability is well-versed in every aspect of small business financing. We’ve funded thousands of businesses in every state from restaurants in Florida to consulting firms in Alaska, but we still make sure to take a personal interest in each one. We have a passion for helping build businesses, and if you’re seeking funding for your business, we hope you’ll give us the chance to help you build yours.