What We Can Learn from the Most Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur dreams of making it big despite humble beginnings. We’ve all heard stories of people who start a business out of their garage and through hard work and a bit of luck manage to turn their vision into a reality. Every entrepreneur starts off with little more than a good idea–the trick is figuring out how to use available resources to make that ideal come to life.

One of the most well-known examples of this is Bill Gates. Today, Gates is a billionaire who is known for creating one of the most successful software companies in the world. However, when he first started off, he was just a 13-year-old who had to beg schools and companies to give him access to computers so he could learn how to program. He volunteered to help his school create a program to assign students to classes just so he would be allowed to use the computer. By age 17, he was the co-owner of a venture that made traffic counters. By the time he was 20, he was working on the idea that would end up becoming Microsoft.

What made Gates so successful? The key was that he was ready to do whatever was necessary to work on his dream. He was willing to work for free for anyone that would let him use a computer to practice programming. When a local group began renting access to computers in their lab, he and three friends quickly figured out how to hack the computers to give themselves extra time. When they were discovered, they were quickly banned from the lab; an undeterred Gates would later volunteer to help them fix the bugs in their system that he and his friends had exploited.

Today, there are many high school entrepreneurs following in Gates’ footsteps. These successful young entrepreneurs work in many fields, but they share a few traits in common. One is Gates’ perseverance–no entrepreneur succeeds without determination, but it’s all the more necessary when you’re starting off at such a young age. Another is unwavering belief in their idea. Every entrepreneur has to deal with people who tell them their dream is unrealistic, teenagers more than most.

This list showcases 10 of the most successful teenage entrepreneurs who have succeeded in various fields. Looking through them, you’ll notice one last thing they have in common; each one had someone to help them finance their idea and get it off the ground. Some of them got help from family, some found investors, and others qualified for grants. Not all entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have these easy sources of financing, though, and that’s what Loanability is there for. Your idea might be great and you might be willing to work as hard as needed, but without the resources to build your business, none of that matters.