Getting a Working Capital Loan for Your Small Business

Many people assume that short term business loans are only for businesses in a tight spot. However, the reality is that an infusion of capital can help businesses in a variety of situations. A common reason for seeking working capital or a loan is expansion–it can be hard to set aside money to expand a business, so short-term working capital can be an easy way to expand the business quickly. Often, short-term capital pays for itself almost immediately, as expansion creates new sales and increased profits. That’s not to say that these programs can’t be used in emergencies, but it’s incorrect to think that there aren’t other potential uses.

It’s not uncommon for merchants to overlook the potential benefits of a short-term business loan. Even if you do consider the upside, it’s often assumed that working capital is difficult to obtain and that the process isn’t worth it. One major benefit of Loanability’s programs is that we require almost no paperwork to give businesses a funding offer. In most cases, all that’s required up front is a one-page application. This means that a business owner can easily get an idea of what’s available without going through a lengthy approval process.

Loanability’s programs offer a variety of options for businesses in different situations. They’re flexible and can be used for any purpose; whether you need emergency funds or just need a cash infusion for short-term expansion purposes, we’ll get you a quick approval and help you get your funds as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for funding based on your credit card sales, our merchant cash advances might be right for you. If you don’t accept credit cards, our loan programs can be a great source of funding, and we’ll help you tweak the terms to your liking. Regardless of the specifics of your business, we’ve got something for you.

Many business owners overlook the funding options available to them because they don’t consider what’s out there or believe that the process of getting small business financing will be long and frustrating. It’s true that many lenders don’t make it easy. However, Loanability gives quick approvals and an expedited funding process so that our merchants know exactly what they’re getting and can get their funds quickly. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Give Loanability a call and find out how we can help your business today.