What Makes a Merchant Credit Card Advance Different From a Loan?

When Loanability first opened, we offered just one type of funding—a merchant credit card advance. These are direct merchant advances that are based on your business’ credit card sales. In practice, these function similarly to loans. It’s fairly straightforward: a merchant receives cash up front, and in return they sell us a specific amount of … Continued

Are the SBA Loan Requirements for Existing Businesses Too Stringent?

If you’re a small business owner looking for financing, one of the first places you’re likely to look is the U.S. Small Business Administration. It’s a government agency designed to facilitate loans for businesses–they don’t provide the money themselves, but they do connect businesses with third parties and venture capital firms who might be interested … Continued

Who Is Loanability?

We’re Loanability, a provider of alternatives to traditional financing for small businesses. Founded in 2007, Loanability is a Jenkintown, PA based lender that provides funding for almost any business. We aim to form relationships with our clients, providing a variety of programs that allow business owners to get funding with terms that work for them. … Continued